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Audiometric Testing Rooms Services And Solutions

We design & install Audiometry rooms & Audiology booths confirming to international acoustics ANSI / OSHA standards for accurate audiological evaluation. The designs are for custom made & efficacious as desired by professionals. The designs are inspected by MCI / RCI and many other inspecting authorities.

Our Products

Audiology Room

We design Audiometry rooms custom made and efficacious as desired by professionals for accurate audiometric testing.

Speech Room

Speech Room provided isolation from external and internal noise interference and control of interfering reflections and reverberation

Portable Audiology Booth

Portable Audiometric Testing Booth / Cabin are constructed in modulus acoustical integrated panels to provide required acoustic environment to perform various audiological tests.


Our Products

  • EN ISO 9001: 2008 Certified by AIB-VINCOTTE, INTERNATIONAL Ltd. Belgium
  • PAN India support network
  • More than 170+ Installation of Audiology rooms & Audiology Booth in India & Abroad
  • Installation conforming to ANSI & OSHA standards
  • Installation inspected by Medical Council of India [MCI] & Ali Yavar Jung Institute [NISH]

Our Products