Economical Room

Economical Room

Design Aspects :-

1. To provide facility for all audiological evaluations at economical rate.

2. Project shall be eco-friendly and non hazardous.

Salient Features :-

1. High Acoustical insulation with decade long acoustical integrity.

2. Extremely fast and sturdy installation

3. Economical low budget installation.

4. Location Suitability – Can be constructed at any corner or side the room.

5. No extra load on floor or any alteration required for extra walls.

6. Can be constructed at any floor of the building. No permission is required either from architect or from Corporation.

7. Conforming to International Standards like OSHA, ANSI for audiological evaluation.

Main Components :-

1. Dry wall having high insulation for outer Noise & good absorption for inside Noise, conforms to the room aesthetics.

2. Door – Multilayer, high insulation of sound, good quality hardware, etc.

3. Window – Double pane, Excellent visibility, Chemical anti-moister treatment, Good sound insulation.

4. Light – Clean LED based lighting with more than 100 Lux light intensity.

5. Fan – Forced silent ventilation giving good air exchanges, stave off any possibility of suffocation or claustrophobic feeling.

6. Jack Panel – With standard jacks to accept any type of audiometer or external electronic instruments.

Economical Room

Economical Room

PHB Based 2

Economical Room

Economical Room

Economical Room